Maredsous Abbey

Founded in 1872 in Molignée Valley by Benedictine monks, Maredsous Abbey is built in neo-gothic style that fits perfectly in with the wooded, undulating terrain of the region.

The towers of Maredsous Abbey

Marked by spirituality, the buildings of Maredsous Abbey exude a feeling of fulfilment and the absolute, that will leave no one indifferent.  The church that dominates the cloister, the monastery and the library, the various outbuildings, including the trade school, and the Saint Joseph Visitors Centre, create a harmonious whole that beckons the visitor to stroll and meditate.

Monastic life at Maredsous Abbey

Maredsous Abbey from a bird’s eye view

Like the Cistercians or the Trappists, the monks of Maredsous Abbey have adopted the Rule of St Benedict, a book of precepts for monastic life between prayer, work and a hospitable tradition.   

Firmly rooted in contemporary society, the monks at Maredsous have developed an economy that meets the requirements of the sacred as well as the needs of the community.  Each monk is assigned to a very precise task:  some teach, others work in the library in various areas of scholarly research, at the Bible and Information Technology Centre, or work for the administrative service or running the Abbey.  The monks also take turns in shops or at the dairy and welcome visitors as well. 

A trustee of the Benedictine tradition, Maredsous Abbey is a cultural centre first and foremost: since 1998, it has played host to a crafts and publication centre which published the first Latin-French missal, and a French translation of the Bible in 1950.  In the same vein, the monks have since 1981 been distributing the Bible on diskettes and have since been publishing Bible reading and study software. 


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